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Let Us Introduce Ourselves



Not Fast Food, Not Fine Dining.....

it's Fast Casual.   

Fabuoulous food served fast. 


Hi! We are the Yacky Shack. 


First, let's start with the name. "Yacky" is a slang term for "Yaki Mandu," which is a Korean fried dumpling. You need to do yourself a favor and try our yackies! Sony, our mom and owner of Yacky Shack, fed us lots of yackies as children. We used to joke about how she needed to open a shack and sell these amazing creations. We are proud to announce that dream, from many years ago, became our family restaurant, Yacky Shack!


Yacky Shack is not a fast food restaurant nor is it fine dining. Both concepts have characteristics we are stemming from to form Fast Casual dining. Fast Casual dining offers homecooked quality, made to order food you often find in fine dining but also offers, you guessed it, a casual atmosphere.


Our Fast Casual dining is offered in a modern Asian environment with good, affordable food. This is achieved by eliminating the traditional wait staff. You order your food at the front counter and our cashier will bring your freshly made food.


We also offer call in orders and online ordering for take-out orders and deliveries within a five mile radius. Don't have the time or energy to cook? Place your order now and our family will do the cooking tonight.

Thank you for your continuous support and loyalty for the past 10 years!



The Johnsons


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