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Wontons (24) $12.15

Seasoned beef and green onions, fried in a crispy wonton skin.

Includes Sweet & Sour sauce.

Crab Rangoons (18) $17.55

Cream cheese, green onions, and imitation crab meat, fried in a crispy rangoon skin.

Includes Sweet & Sour sauce.

Raspberry Rangoons (18) $17

Cream cheese and raspberries, fried in a crispy rangoon skin.

Egg Rolls (10) $22.50

Beef, cabbage, celery, green onions, and carrots, fried in a crispy egg roll skin.

Includes Sweet & Sour sauce.

Bulgogi Beef Rolls (6) $21.60

Bulgogi beef, provolone cheese, carrots, yellow onions, green onions, and sesame seeds, fried in a crispy egg roll skin.

Includes House sauce.

Yackies (18) $22.95

Korean dumplings made of whole wheat flour, seasoned meat, and green onions. Choice of steamed or fried. Available in Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Combo (6 of each).

Includes Yacky sauce.


Any half bucket plus another half bucket.

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